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The VNCproject Zimlet Package provides an integration between the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and the VNCproject (Redmine) using Zimbra Zimlet technology.

VNCProject Zimlet


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User Manual




The VNCProject Zimlet provides integration between Zimbra Collaboration Suite and VNCproject (Redmine) using Zimbra Zimlet technology.


Prerequisites of the VNCproject zimlet. 

  • Settings for Judaspriest only:

                 After installing the VNCproject for Zimbra Zimlet, you have to fire following command from zimbra machine using  Command Line (CLI)
                          zmlocalconfig -e data_source_trust_self_signed_certs=true
                 After you  have fired the command listed above you can perform a check with following command.
                          zmlocalconfig | grep -i  trust
                Then restart the zimbra mailbox.

               After Installing VNCProject for Zimbra Zimlet, You have to fire following commands from zimbra machine using  Command Line (CLI)

                 zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraZimletJspEnabled TRUE
                 zmprov mcf zimbraReverseProxyUpstreamReadTimeout 600s

               To check after fired above commands you can use following command.

                zmprov gs `zmhostname` zimbraZimletJspEnabled

               After that restart zmcontrol.

Key functionalities

  • Login with two options:
    • Login using username and password.
    • Login using redmine API key.
  • Allowing users to create a new ticket.
  • Add Mail & attachments to existing tickets.
  • Allowing users to search based retrieve project list.
  • Allowing users to search based retrieve Issues list with multiple selected projects.
  • Allowing users to update the subject and description fields while create new tickets or add to existing tickets.
  • Allowing users to drag & drop emails on the VNCproject zimlet in the Zimlet Panel to add emails & attachments to existing tickets.
  • Allowing users to right-click-menu option for adding emaisl/attachments to existing tickets.



How to add user credentials in the configuration window

Single click or double click on the VNCproject Zimlet from left panel. It will open a configuration window. Here, you can specify VNCproject URL/location. There are two options: either provide user name and password or user name and Redmine API Key. Clicking on "OK" button will save the configuration. The User can reset the saved configuration by clicking on the "Reset Configuration" button. The configuration will be used later while creating tickets or add information to existing tickets in VNCproject.

configuration vnc theme

 In the "About us" tab in the VNCproject Authentication dialog box the user can get to the changelog and documentation by clicking on it's links.

about us vnc theme


VNCProject CloudBar 

Click on any email or conversation to view the VNCproject Cloudbar.

Cloudbar button vnc theme

Create a New Ticket

Click on the "Create New Ticket" button to create a new ticket in VNCProject. The "create a new ticket" dialog opens and displays the whole project list which the user can access. Specific projects can be found via the search bar.

Create ticket vnc theme

There are three options for creating the ticket when the user selects the project from projects list:

1. Selected project is normal project:

The user will select type, assignee, status and priority. This option also provides the functionality to modify the subject and description. After all information is set the user can click on the "create" button for creating the ticket in VNCproject.

The user interface will look like this : 

Normal Ticket Dialog vnc theme


2. When the selected project is an ITIL project and the logged in user has a customer role:

The user interace will look like shown in the screenshot below. Here the user has the ability to select the Requester name and product name. Both of this fields are mandatory.

Itil service requester dialog vnc theme

3. When selected project is Itil project and logged in user has Help Desk Manager (Support Team) role:

In this case the user interface will look like below and one more field will be available: Service. This is also a mandatory field.

Itil staff member dialog vnc theme


Add information to existing ticket 

Click on the "Add To Existing Ticket" button in the VNCProject Cloudbar to update a ticket in VNCproject. All Projects is selected for search a issue per default. The default setting shows no issue in the beginning - the user needs to use the search box and select strings and projects from the list. 

Add to existing dialog vnc theme

Click on the table row to select an issue and modify the subject and description if needed. Then click on the attach button to update a ticket in VNCProject.

Add to existing search vnc theme

The user can also create a new ticket or add information to an existing ticket in two different ways:

1. Select an email and drag & drop it to the VNCproject Zimlet Panel on the left side. This will open a popup window where the user can select his options.

 Option dialog vnc theme

2. The user can right click on the email body and select the same options from the context menu as shown in the red frame.

Right click option vnc theme 

 The user can view the particular redmine ticket information through the tooltip of that ticket number in the email body. The tooltip opens automatically when the user hovers his mouse over the tooltip.

Issue tooltip vnc theme

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